Letter from the Principal
Hello Parents: 
    We are starting our second semester at San Tan Heights K-8 as part of the Florence Unified School District.  

    There have been many changes that have affected students and parents alike.

     Many of you have noticed that we are trying to upgrade the academic achievement level of the entire school. Through the use of Beyond Textbooks, we are coordinating our curriculum which will give better continuity between grade levels. 

    Our schedule is set up to give grade level teachers’ time to work together for planning and testing purposes. We instituted common planning times for our teachers to attend cluster meetings and Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  Cluster meetings are when the master teacher reviews or introduces different proven teaching strategies.  Ongoing staff development is necessary to continuously improve our teaching. During PLC meetings teachers have the ability to review their data from formative testing to determine student success and to engage plans to reteach or enrich the students.  This is part of our plan to teach, assess, and reteach if necessary so that students are learning at the rate that is designed for future success. 

    The culture of the school is driven by SOAR.  It stands for Strive for Excellence, Outstanding Character, Always Safe and Be Respectful.  In our assemblies and daily announcements we strive to push this culture. Our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program is designed to respond to positive behaviors of individuals and groups.  You may have heard your student talk about our Honorable Hawk Award. This honor is given to the classes that listen and participate appropriately during assemblies. It is meant to encourage great behavior in public situations.  Our Hawk Breakfast is for our Students of the Month. The Hawk Breakfast is our chance to recognize students who have been nominated by their teachers for demonstrating the SOAR principles.  If you have attended this event and have suggestions for improvement, please stop in. 
    School Spirit is being driven upward by our student council as well as our athletic teams. The school spirit is definitely growing and we would like to thank the PTO and Kim Gilbert for their continual dedication to our students, teachers and school.  Please contact Kim if you wish to buy school shirts or get involved. 
    Our students have really responded to our elective programs and we see great results in the areas of Band, Language and Dance. 
    In regards to school spirit during the 3rd and 4th terms our girls’ athletic teams will be participating in Volleyball, Cheerleading and Basketball.  The boys’ athletics will be Football, Basketball and Wrestling.  All of these sports are highly competitive events where fans are generally sitting very close to the action.  At this time, I would like to ask you to please model good sportsmanship at all times.  As a parent, I understand having raised 3 kids myself who participated in all sports the feelings you may get at ballgames.  It is not easy to display proper sportsmanship during the heat of the battle but that is exactly the time when we should display positive behavior.  Please help your child and others by being a good role model and demonstrate the S.O.A.R. behaviors. It isn’t just being a good winner, but understanding the most important lessons can be applied to daily life.  Attending your child’s athletic events can be the very best method for you to display how to handle or model winning and losing.  I appreciate the effort. 

    Academically, we are really improving by looking at our data from weekly assessments. We are trying to push students to become intrinsically motivated. You as the parent are the number one motivator for students. We have recognized many students through our Honor Roll assemblies and hope you can attend when your student has been recognized.  As a side note, students are not allowed to fail courses and be promoted.  We have instituted some on-line interventions during the school day for those who have failed.  We will also have intercession after the 3rd quarter for students to make up work.  The best prevention though is communication with the teacher. If your child has struggled I urge you to keep constant communication with your student’s teachers for ways your student can improve their grade. We are teaching them lessons for life. That is to do what is expected and that everything isn’t easy.  Thank you in advance for your help with that.

     For those parents that have students that are excelling we hope to be instituting honors courses in Language Arts and Math. We currently have Algebra available for kids at San Tan Foothills High School.  I would like to move that back to our campus next year.  The future of our honors programs will be honors in Language Arts, Math and Science at the 7th and 8th grade levels. 

    Thank you again for the wonderful job you do with your kids and lets have a great second half of the year. 

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April 5 & April 19
1:00 P.M.

8th Grade Promotion Dance
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Image result for catalina islandThe 7th grade students at STH have a wonderful opportunity to visit Catalina Island at the Marine  Institut
e for a 2 day trip of fantastic marine biology education and fun activities like snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing, and team games.  We need 15 students to sign up.  We have 11 and we are looking for more to join us.  We hope to travel between the months of April and May.  However, we need 15 confirmed to reserve our space.  The costs of the trip will be approximately $360-$380.  We can confirm the costs as soon as we have 15 students.  Please check out the Catalina Island Marine Institute at www.cimi.org.    If you have any questions, call Mrs. French at 480-888-7555x7749.  Or email and jfrench@fusdaz.org.  Remember you can always use the School Tax Credit to help with the cost.