7th Grade

Molly Williams    (ELA) Room 46

It’s going to be a fun year filled with lots of learning and educational growth!  My priority is to be a caring, supportive teacher with high expectations and the belief that every child is capable of achieving.  I will do my best to make sure each student has a motivating but challenging, fun, and safe learning experience.

This is my second year with Florence and before that I taught three years with a private school with 4-years-experience in their administration.



Rhonda Spencer    (Math)    Room 45

My name is Rhonda Spencer. I have been teaching with the Florence School District for four years. I have a Bachelor's degree  in Humanities and I am working on a Master's degree in education. My hope is to inspire kids to do their best. I have four children of my own who have graduated from high school and moved out. My hobbies are camping and all outdoor activities. My classroom is a place for learning and I have an open door policy, if my door is open then students can come in and learn.


Michael Sassi     (Social Studies)   Room 28


Jane French     (Science)   Room 29